Cash Management

An Overview
Cash Management Services (CMS) is a mechanism to efficiently manage cash flow in order to reduce risks, minimize costs and maximize profits. Generally Cash Management comprises integrated collection, payments, liquidity management, and receivables functions. Speedy collection of outstation instruments is one of the major products under CMS.

Cash Management Support Services by ISSL
Efficient cash management processes are pre-requisites to execute payments, collect receivables and manage liquidity. Managing the channels of collections, payments and accounting information efficiently becomes imperative with growth in business transaction volumes. Cost optimization and value-add services are customer demands that necessitate the creation of a mechanism to service the various customer groups The mounting pressure from competitors forces the Banks to look for a Service provider who can offer better solutions and services in Cash Management ISSL with its presence of 96 branches and extensive expertise in Operations handling is able to meet the growing demand of banks in providing CMS support services. ISSL's vast network along with a superior technology based platform is offered as a one point complete solution for the full range of CMS support services to such banks. The services covered are listed below:

  • Daily pickup of cheques from client locations

  • Scrutiny of physical cheques, health verification, data capture (maker, checker for all process's) and deposit of all collections

  • Deposit of collections received from the bank branches in the partner bank account

  • Collection of returns / dishonored instruments, statements from correspondent banks, data capture of return instruments and delivery of these instruments to clients

  • Provide the required collections and returns data and scanned images to the bank in specific format

  • Reconciliation of debits

  • MIS and query handling

  • PDC processing